Rewards program

At SatsVault, we take customer satisfaction seriously, and our rewards program is our way of showing our appreciation for your loyalty. We are excited to introduce our rewards program, designed to reward both referrers and referred customers.

For Referrers

Earn 10% of annual revenue for Vault Subscriptions
Your support deserves a reward. For every customer you refer to us who subscribes to a Vault Subscription, you will receive 10% of their annual revenue for as long as they remain a customer. It is an ongoing source of income based on your recommendations.

Protecting the bitcoin balance of referred users
Safety comes first. To protect the Bitcoin balances of referred users, a minimum of two successful referrals is required before a payout can occur. 

Exception: If the referred customer agrees to immediate payment, three referrals are not necessary. Example: Referral from a family member whose amount of bitcoin is known to the referrer.

Payout in bitcoin, at least once a year
Your earnings are paid out in bitcoin. We guarantee at least one annual payout so you can enjoy the benefits of your efforts.

For Referred Customers

Receive a free Coinkite TAPSIGNER
If you have been referred to us by a referrer, we would like to thank you for the trust you place in us. That's why you will receive a free Coinkite TAPSIGNER, a handy tool to start your bitcoin adventure.

At SatsVault, we believe in mutual benefits, and our rewards program is the embodiment of that. We invite you to participate, earn and be part of our growing community of satisfied customers. Together we can achieve more.