Buying bitcoin can be done in different ways. Because we focus on saving bitcoin in the long term, we have specific requirements and wishes for a service that sells bitcoin. You can find this below.

The services we recommend for this are:

  • Bitonic
    • easy to buy bitcoin through a Dutch company
    • suitable for small and large amounts (from €5)
    • account registration and ID verification required
  • Pocket Bitcoin:
    • for amounts from ~€200
    • buy bitcoin without registration and ID verification (pseudo anonymous)
  • Peach: buy bitcoin directly from another user completely anonymously
More information about each service can be found via the links above.

Demands and wishes

To demand

  • Application type: iOS/Android application or website
  • Payment via (instant) SEPA: SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is the standard payment method you use when you make a transfer within the Euro region
  • External wallet: The ability to automatically receive purchased bitcoin in an external wallet under your own management
  • Easy in use


  • Low and transparent rates
  • Low purchase limit
  • Savings plan: The option to automatically purchase bitcoin periodically via a repeated SEPA payment order
  • Notification upon purchase
  • Direct purchases
  • Minimum data provision
  • Dutch support: Application, manual, support