three parts

1. wallet

Supported self-management wallet consisting of:

  • 3-of-5 multisignature: Protection against single point of failure, you can lose up to two keys. 
  • SatsVault Advisor Key: Enables SatsVault to contribute to the co-signing of transactions you initiate.
  • Platform key: Automated co-signing of transactions you initiate based on spending limits you set.
  • Inheritance Keys: Key that can be activated at a future date of your choosing, creating a simple and secure mechanism for safely transferring your Bitcoin to your heirs.

2. Sign Devices (Keys)

To make bitcoin self-management as easy as possible, SatsVault has developed the TAP SIGNER chosen as the default key for the customer. This wireless NFC card contains your bitcoin private key and signs transactions with a simple tap on your phone. 

  • It works just like a bank card: just tap your phone (NFC) and secured with a PIN code
  • No hassle with cables or software updates
  • It is fully integrated with the Nunchuk wallet and designed to support estate planning
  • Easy to carry and use

Customers have a bitcoin wallet with 4 specific key types:

  • Customer key (TAPSIGNER)
  • Inheritance keys (TAPSIGNER)
  • SatsVault Advisor Key
  • Nunchuk Platform Key
If desired, the customer key can be replaced by another key, such as the Blockstream Jade, Coinkite COLDCARD or Foundation Passport.

3. survivor planning

Every Vault Premium subscription comes with a built-in probate solution so customers can transfer their bitcoin to their loved ones.

The estate plan is always private in design, without counterparty risk. You retain control over your bitcoin until it is transferred to your heirs. No one else is ever in control. You can choose to have a confidant (notary) assist your beneficiary, but that choice is yours.

Three components create a simple, safe and flexible estate plan:

Magical Phrase
(Magic Phrase)

Each inheritance plan is uniquely identified by a Magical Phrase. This sentence allows the beneficiary or administrator to find the inheritance backup data stored on the Nunchuk server.

Backup Password
(Backup Password)

The legacy backup data is password protected. You will need this password to recover the inheritance key during the reclaim process.

Activation Date
(Activation Date)

An inheritance plan remains inactive until it is activated, on a date of your choosing. Only from this date can a beneficiary or administrator claim the inheritance.