On this page you will find an overview of the brands we use in our services.


The Nunchuk Bitcoin management software is the basis of all management packages. Can be used from your phone or computer. The software focuses on security and ease of use.

SatsVault is a registered Nunchuk Advisor.


Blockstream is a global leader in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. We use the Blockstream Jade, an easy-to-use, open-source signing device that provides advanced security. 

SatsVault is a registered Blockstream reseller.


Coinkite is a global leader in bitcoin security as a hardware manufacturer and creator of some of the most iconic Bitcoin products, such as OPENDIME, COLDCARD, BLOCKCLOCK, SATSCARD, TAPSIGNER and SATSCHIP.

In our bitcoin management solutions we use the Coinkite Tapsigner, a small, affordable and secure signing device that works seamlessly with Nunchuk.

SatsVault is a registered Coinkite reseller.

seedhammer seedqr

The SeedHammer is an innovative device that helps us ensure that you can keep your Bitcoin wallets safe. It uses a laser to engrave your BIP39 seed words and SeedQR codes onto a piece of 316L stainless steel. This material is highly corrosion and heat resistant and can withstand harsh environments. The SeedHammer is completely open source and uses open standards such as BIP39 and SeedQR. This allows you to rest assured that your data is safe and that you can always recover it.